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Serialized Storytelling for Kids: Can I please just watch one more?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

With the advent of binge-viewing, kids audiences are increasingly being offered the opportunity to dig into expansive story arcs and more complicated storylines. And creators and producers are now ramping up serialized concepts to feed this new need. Our panel of seasoned serializers will explore the key lessons that creators and networks need to keep in mind in creating these dramas and comedies for kids. They'll look at whether or not serialization is platform-agnostic, the unexpected drawbacks and benefits of kids serialized programming, what makes some serials more acceptable than others, and what kids audiences are the best targets for the more complex storylines and characters that serialization requires.


Brian Hamilton
Principal and Executive Producer
Omnifilm Entertainment


Peter Gal
Chief Creative Officer Television
DreamWorks Animation TV

Rebecca Hodgson
Head of Scripted
Lime Pictures

Billy Macqueen
Darrall Macqueen

Andy Yeatman
Head of the Americas

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