Speaker Tiphaine de&nbspRaguenel

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Tiphaine de&nbspRaguenel

Director of Editorial Strategy

France Télévisions

Tiphaine de Raguenel graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies and started her career at Carat/Aegis Media Group as a consultant and then Deputy Director of consultancy assignments for producers and broadcasters. In 2006, she joined the children’s and youth division of Lagardère Active as Research Director for TiJi, Canal J, Filles TV and Gulli, and in 2008 was promoted to Research Director for the company’s entire television division. Four years later, she was named Marketing and New Media Director and put in charge of market studies, strategic and operational marketing, brand communication and new media. 

In her current role, Tiphaine is in charge of kids strategy for France Télévisions. She also acts as an intermediary between the Digital Strategy Department and the Department of Diversification and Revenue.

Since October 2013, she is also in charge of France 4, a TV channel from France Televisions broadcasting group. It has the purpose providing inovative content to younger audience, focusing on kids and family programs. 

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