Kidscreen welcomes ideas for session topics and speaker suggestions from the industry. Please adhere to the following deadlines and protocols to increase the chances that your submission will be reviewed and accepted.

Proposal deadline: Friday, October 27

Speaker Proposals

Do you or one of your clients want to speak at Kidscreen Summit? These are in-demand opportunities, so please be sure to include the following information. We won’t be able to consider proposals that aren’t complete.

1. Your name, title and a brief bio of your career/work
2. What subjects/topics you specialize in and feel you are best suited to speak to
3. Your “USP” (unique selling proposition): What insight or point of view can you provide that is unique and of value to the industry?
4. Links to video of your other speaking engagements

Session Topic Proposals

Do you have an idea for a session that will inspire, inform and delight Kidscreen Summit delegates? Will it provide unique insights to help them build their businesses or make great content for kids? Is it NEED TO KNOW stuff? Please adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Your name, title and a brief bio of your career/work
2. Your proposed session outline with a working title and detailed description of the idea, including why it’s important information for the industry to know
3. Who you propose will be on the panel, and whether you have reached out to these people to gauge their interest
4. Your previous experience with Kidscreen Summit or similar events


Kidscreen endeavors to reflect the diversity of the global kids audience in everything we do, including speaker selection for Kidscreen Summit.
We welcome speaker and session proposals from under-represented groups in the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: The Kidscreen team will only follow up on proposals that we are actively interested in developing for the conference program. We do not recommend that you rely on being chosen to participate as a speaker in order to access the Summit. We encourage everyone to register for the event over the summer/ fall at one of our discounted rates. If you are invited to speak, we will transfer or refund the pass that you have purchased.

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