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Check out what just a handful of our extremely satisfied past attendees have said about their experiences at Kidscreen Summit:

Unparalled access to decision-makers

"Whether you are a seasoned kids media exec or a total newbie, Kidscreen Summit is an amazing opportunity to network with and learn from the true visionaries and leaders in our business."

"Networking opportunities are outstanding at Kidscreen Summit, and it's a lot easier to get meetings with people here than it is at MIPCOM and MIPTV."

"Particularly useful for meeting North American broadcasters and commissioners."

"This event provides access to the entire industry in one location. An excellent venue for pitching new ideas."

"Good networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere where people are prepared to really listen. This is THE place to go to form new partnerships in the field."

"Kidscreen Summit is the biggest and best event of its kind. Truly the only opportunity to rub shoulders with the brightest people in the kids media business."

"A well-organized event well worth the expense if you are looking to connect with the leaders in children's media."

Much more than a market

"Kidscreen offers a unique combination of sessions providing relevant information about our industry, and fantastic meeting and networking opportunities. There is no other event like it, and it occupies a key place in the kids TV calendar—I wouldn't miss it!"

"Kidscreen is the highlight of the event circuit for me. This year alone, I attended a number of sessions that provided a wonderful window into different markets around the world, and enjoyed the opportunity to build partnerships with producers and other broadcasters."

"Kidscreen Summit unites visionaries and vanguard approaches to developing and selling children's entertainment properties, and combines that with superb networking opportunities. The best event of its kind in North America!"

Relaxed and focused vibe

"I have been to many markets around the world, but Kidscreen stands out from the rest. The event is focused, relaxed, well organized and gets everyone who attends in the mood to talk, share, listen, learn and hopefully go away enlightened."

"What I liked most about the Summit was that it was in one place and intimate (relative to MIPTV and MIPCOM). It made for fast and easy transitions between meetings so we were able to maximize our time there."

"Kidscreen is a great mix of interesting, useful panels and workshops, and targeted networking. Everyone always seems relaxed, focused and happy to be there!"

Great global networking

"Kidscreen's literally an invaluable resource for anyone with products to pitch and/or services to offer the worldwide kids entertainment community. Practically speaking, it would take years—and be unthinkably expensive—to meet and talk business with as many movers-and-shakers as I did in those four days."

"Great opportunity to meet possible co-production partners from all over the world."

"The more intimate setting is ideal for creating networking opportunities on the fly."

"For Europeans, it's a terrific opportunity to enter the US/Canadian market. And in my case, I also made more connections with Asian companies there than at Asia TV Forum!!"

Perfect timing for kicking off new business

"It's a great alternative to MIPTV and it is well attended. The spread between this in February and MIPCOM in October is good for me and allows you to start and close the year at an industry gathering."

"It is perfectly positioned between MIPCOM and MIPTV and offers an opportunity to get business going early in the year."

Not just a kids TV event

"The only international event focused on the children's business with a broad cross-section of experts gathered under one roof. Large but intimate."

It's simply a can't-miss!

"You have to be at Kidscreen Summit if you want to make a mark in kids media."

"If you can only go to one event a year, this is the belle of the ball for kids content. If you are looking for personal development, there are great speakers and sessions to attend. If you are looking to network or make deals, all the right players are there."

"Kidscreen Summit has quickly become the highlight of my yearly market circuit. Simply put, if you're not attending, you're missing out!"