Speaker Caroline Cochaux

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Caroline Cochaux


Gulli/Canal J

Caroline Cochaux served as Executive Director of Jamel Debouze's production company Kissman Productions, then as Executive Director of Cultural Affairs at FNAC from 2006 through 2009.

In February 2011, she joined Lagardère Active group and served as Deputy Program Director of Europe 1 Radio. In February 2013, she became Programs and Broadcast Director of Group’s kids and family channels (Gulli, CANAL J, TiJi, La Chaîne du Père Noël), then young adults channels (June TV and MCM). A year later, she became Programs and Broadcast Director Executive of Group’s in France & International.

Since December 2015, she is  Managing Director of France & International for Lagardere Active TV (Gulli, Canal J, TiJi, ELLE Girl, MCM, MCM Top, RFM TV, Virgin Radio TV, Mezzo, Mezzo Live HD, Gulli AFRICA, Gulli Russie, TiJi Russie, La Chaîne du Père Noël…) and CEO of Gulli.

Featured in: 30 Minutes with… Maud Branly & Caroline Cochaux, Gulli/Canal J; Cocktails with… Gulli/Canal J

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