Speaker Fonda Snyder

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Fonda Snyder


Alchemy Ink Inc.

Recognized  for  her  achievement  in  children’s  entertainment,  Fonda  Snyder  has  developed  and  sold  more than  50  projects  worldwide  for  television  networks  and  major  feature  film  studios, with  two  features  in development  at  DWA,  and  TV  series  at  Universal  and  NeHlix.    She  currently  serves  as  President  of Alchemy  Ink,  Inc.,  represenMng  authors  and  illustrators,  including  Pulitzer  Prize  winning  author-­‐artist Berkeley  Breathed,  Hilary  Duff,  The  Jim  Henson  Co.  and  Kevin  Costner.    
Snyder  recently  served  as  a  Development  Consultant  for  9  Story  Entertainment  and  prior,  VP  CreaMve Development  &  Sales  for  Rainmaker  Entertainment.  While  an  ExecuMve  at  Technicolor, Snyder  created the  business  plan  for  and  launched  its  IP  division,  selling  numerous  projects  to  major  networks    while also  running  her  own  management  company  Alchemy  Ink,  Inc.  Previously,  Snyder  was  VP,  Original Movies  for  Disney  Channel. Early  in  her  career,  Snyder  co-­‐founded  Storyopolis,  a  franchise-­‐oriented family  entertainment  company  encompassing  producMon  with  a  first  look  deal  at  Warner  Bros.  and Miramax,  book  publishing,  art  gallery,  exhibiMon  space  and  retail  outlets  financed  by  billionaire  Paul Allen.  Snyder  is  currently  consulMng  to  a  few  select  clients  developing  and  selling  IP  across  
mulMple  plaHorms  worldwide  both  in  publishing  and  entertainment

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