Speaker Maria Galarza

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Maria Galarza

Assistant Vice President, US Social Impact

Sesame Workshop

Rocio Galarza serves as Assistant Vice President, Sesame Workshop. In this role, Rocio manages the development of educational content and research for a wide range of multimedia projects. As an expert in early childhood educational development and the needs of young children, Rocio works with advisors to ensure that the content of Sesame Street’s outreach initiatives is age-appropriate, appealing and effective in motivating families to use their everyday routines as learning moments for young children. Rocio previously served as the Senior Education and Research Specialist for Sesame Workshop’s International Research group where she managed the development of educational content and research for different multimedia projects with partners in Colombia, Mexico, Kosovo, and Russia. She has also collaborated in research conducted with partners in Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Before joining Sesame Workshop, she worked for New York University, assisting in project development and management of afterschool programs. Rocio has also served as Assistant Director of an afterschool program in New York City. She holds a masters of Arts from Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Featured in: Helping kids cope with trauma

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