Speaker Naz Amarchi-Cuevas

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Naz Amarchi-Cuevas

SVP & GM | Stumble Guys | Scopely

SYBO Games

A leading female force in global digital entertainment and brand development, Naz Amarchi-Cuevas, brings know-how and creativity to SYBO Games to integrate the company and its top mobile gaming brand Subway Surfers, further within the entertainment space.  Through her experience, including  a stage-setting tenure at Rovio, where she is credited with combining the digital world of gaming with traditional consumer products at retail, Amarchi-Cuevas’ is determined to disrupt industry norms and redefine how entertainment, technology and consumer products merge.

Amarchi-Cuevas has cultivated co-branding entertainment partnerships between movie studios, juggernaut franchises, as well as nostalgic brands including Lucas for Star Wars, 20th Century Fox for Rio, and Hasbro for Transformers.  Under her leadership, the Angry Birds business amassed 500+ partners with products on shelf in more than 150 countries worldwide across multiple product categories.

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