About the event

Kidscreen Summit is renowned as the kids entertainment industry’s most important annual event. In 2013, the conference welcomed more than 1,600 attendees from 47 countries. Top executives attend Kidscreen Summit to take advantage of the year’s best business networking, and to engage in critical dialogue on issues that affect the industry.

2013 statistics

1,600 delegates
47 countries represented
98% plan to attend again
99% would recommend the event to colleagues
400+ content buyers
900+ producers/distributors

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Andrew Cohen

Moment Maker/Globetrotter

Andrew Cohen Productions

Andrew is an up-and-coming creative force who, sure as he is tall, is carving out his portion of the film and entertainment industry.  He is best known as Executive Producer, Director, and Writer for the viral YouTube sensation UBC LipDub.  He organized over 1000 screaming students, a platinum recording artist, five cameras, six scuba divers, two bouncy castles, three horses, two transit buses, and a helicopter – all of which were donated!  Andrew managed a team of 60 from concept to launch party.  UBC LipDub caught media attention in the UK, India, Switzerland, Taiwan, Canada, and the USA (including the New York Times), as well as 227 YouTube Honors and YouTube’s Top 100 lists on every inhabited continent.  

Andrew is a Dean’s List graduate and Valedictorian from the University of British Columbia, Canada.  He has also worked on the 2010 Olympic Winter Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the National Artist Program, the Miss World™ Canada Pageant, CBC’s Triple Sensation, and various National Tours of live theatre productions.  He is currently in New York filming an International Music Video for the Broadway organization, ‘Artists Striving To End Poverty’.

Featured in: Curation Nation: Best of the Web