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The Multiplatform Playground

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Whether you’ve read one of the dozens of scientific studies on play, or conducted your own personalized "nanny cam" research, we can all agree that play continues to be the primary way kids learn. That’s why it needs to be upheld as an essential ingredient in the content and products that we make for them. In a discussion with experts who create the most playful products, media and experiences for children, we will explore the similarities, differences and opportunities for play across all the platforms that exist in modern family life.


Gwen Gordon
Chief Mischief Maker
Now Playing Productions

Jennie Ito
Founder, Play & Toy Consultant
The Play Kitchen

Susanna Pollack
NonStop Media

Julia Rousakis
Co-Director & Co-Founder
Architectural Playground Equipment

Greg Trefry
Partner & Game Designer
Gigantic Mechanic

David Voss
SVP & Executive Producer
Mattel, Inc.