Speaker Michael Houlahan - Kidscreen Summit 2015

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Speaker Michael Houlahan

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Michael Houlahan

Head of Enterprise



For the past 10+ years, Mike has helped develop and launch innovative and interactive kid experiences for LeapFrog, Ridemakerz, and now ToyTalk, including award-winning games, stories, and toys.  As Head of Enterprise at ToyTalk, Mike interfaces with leading entertainment and toy brands, via ToyTalk’s proprietary technology that uses speech recognition to bring conversation to characters in both digital and physical media and products.  He was most recently General Manager of RIDEMAKERZ, a specialty retailer and toy company. Previously Mike was head of global product marketing for the gaming and toy groups at LeapFrog, where he was responsible for the success of such products as the LeapPad, Tag Junior, and My Pal Scout.  Mike began his professional career at Bain & Company, where he worked for 10 years.  He is a graduate of Yale University and holds an MBA from Harvard.

Speaking on: New Tech That Will Blow Your Mind!