Speaker Karen Fowler - Kidscreen Summit 2016

Speaker Karen Fowler

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Karen Fowler

VP, Development & Production

Karen Fowler

Karen Fowler is a multi-Emmy winning Executive Producer and Showrunner. A dynamic architect of kids programming, Karen has held staff positions at Nickelodeon, CBC and Sesame Workshop and worked independently for Sprout, Henson and Sago Sago. She counts Joan Ganz Cooney as a personal mentor. She was the brain trust and the force behind The Electric Company's reinvention for which she won 3 Emmy awards (Outstanding Children's Series 2010-2012), 10 in total for the series, for her vision and originality. She has deep experience in both animation and live action. Her eye for talent, passion for kids and respect for the creative process has birthed great experiences and projects. 

Currently, projects include DOT (animated series based on Randi Zuckerberg's book) and Prankster Planet (animated series with investment from Global Tinker). Karen is also on the board of BARK, a startup that helps parents collaborate with their children around online safety. Karen is a happy mom to Ruby and hence her work has an authentic mantra: She strives to always look for or work on projects that speak to kids and their needs while keeping the funny at the forefront. She is a dual citizen of the US and Canada.

Featured in: Real Linear and Digital Convergence—the Holy Grail of Content Creation

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