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Polly Conway

Head of TV/Senior Editor

Common Sense Media

Polly Conway is TV Editor at Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that helps families make smart media choices by reviewing TV shows, movies, apps, and more, using organizational standards to provide pertinent information to families at the point of decision. Polly is an expert in the realm of shows that are created for (and/or appeal to -- not always the same thing!) kids, tweens, and teens, with a particular focus on educational television for young kids. An enthusiastic advocate for positive representation of girls and women in media, she also has her finger on the pulse of pop culture and speaks to the press regularly about the good and bad of kids' TV (recent highlights include an appearance on the Diversity in Apps podcast and a chat with the legendary Weird Al!). During her tenure at CSM, she has been instrumental in covering content for both the organization's parent and teacher audiences. Frequent contributions to the organization's parent-facing blog, including stories like "Extra-Gentle Shows for Preschoolers" and "Preschool Shows That Aren't Annoying," have struck a chord both on Common Sense's site and with content partners, including the Washington Post, Comcast, and CNN. 

Before coming to Common Sense, Polly spent time developing her own writing career and served as an educator in Oakland's diverse schools. Both helped her discover a deep desire to give kids the best possible media experiences. Additionally, her BA in Acting from San Francisco State and MFA in Writing from California College of the Arts have given her a unique understanding of how powerful media is created, and she's always happy to discuss any episode of her #1 whole-family TV pick, Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Featured in: The Power of Character: How parents choose content for their kids

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