Speaker Pontus Torpvret

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Pontus Torpvret

SVT Swedish Television

As a public service channel, we pride ourselves to be able to provide the audience with the very finest in children’s animation and live action. We hand pick every title to make a fine broad selection to complement our own Swedish production. Well actually complement is a weak word considering we air about 15 hours a day and acquisitions provide about 70 – 75% of the total amount of hours for the channel. The audience range from 0 to 12 which is a challenge in itself. The ever changing media market with new gadgets and services constantly tempting the audience to go elsewhere, we really need to be on our toes. Considering we’re a rather small team that also handle the entire dubbing process for everything we buy, I would say we are pulling quite a workload and with great success.

Featured in: 30 Minutes with... Pontus Torpvret, SVT

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