Speaker Carly Ciarrocchi

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Carly Ciarrocchi


Carly Ciarrocchi is a performer, writer/creator and morning enthusiast. Her journey in children’s television began when she was hired as a host and writer for Sprout’s live preschool morning show Sunny Side Up. Right now, find her on Universal Kids as the host of Snug’s House and The Big Fun Crafty Show. All three shows have earned Daytime Emmy nominations. As a musician, she’s written songs for Sprout/Universal Kids that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and she’s a vocalist and songwriter on the Grammy Award winning children’s album HOME by Tim Kubart. Listen for her as the host of Don't Break the Rules, Pinna's award-winning improv-comedy podcast for kids. She also voices characters on the Story Pirates hit podcast for Gimlet. As both a performer and content creator, she meets her audience right where they are and keeps things just the right amount of weird. Her work combines authenticity, comedy, curriculum, resilience and surprise. When she isn’t creating stuff for kids, she’s boxing, making theatre with old college pals and brewing coffee very early (it’s the best time of day)! Stay tuned, she’s working on more TV and podcast goodies for 2020! IG: @carlyciarrocchi 

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