Friday, February 12
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Chatroom - Tackling Inclusion

Friday, February 12
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Chatroom - Tackling Inclusion

Business Pass Exclusive! Join our hosts for small group conversations about important topics facing today’s industry.

Tackling racism head on: Modelling good behavior is a start, but kids shows also need to tackle racism directly. Let’s talk about how.
Host: Kay Wilson Stallings

Diverse creative teams: Building a diverse writers room seems daunting, but it doesn't have to be.
Host: Karissa Valencia

LGBTQ characters now: Why you don't need a hit on your hands before you can introduce an LGBTQ character.
Host: Lindz Amer

Race perception and kids: How do kids and their families perceive their own culture and identities, how is that reflected back to them in media, and what can we do better to change the narrative?
Host: Daniel Ramos

Disability on screen: Who is doing it right, and what more can be done to advance the mission?
Host: Debbie Macdonald

Gender representation: We've made great strides in improving female representation on screen, but we're not quite there yet. What else do we need to do?
Featuring: Stephanie Horsburgh

Broadcast allies: Meaningful change has to come from the top, and inclusion efforts won't mean much without broadcaster buy-in. What role should buyers play, and how can they better allies in the fight for representation?
Host: Rick Clodfelter

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Lindz Amer

CEO & Founder

Queer Kid Creative


Rick Clodfelter


Garden Place Media


Stephanie Horsburgh

Head of Public Diplomacy

British Consulate General


Debbie Macdonald

Children’s Media Consultant/Content Creator/Writer/Script Editor


Daniel Ramos

Director, Digital Consumer Insights



Karissa Valencia

Showrunner/Executive Producer



Kay Wilson Stallings

EVP Creative & Production

Sesame Workshop


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