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Monday, March 1
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Chatroom - After COVID

Monday, March 1
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Chatroom - After COVID

Business Pass Exclusive! Join our hosts for small group conversations about important topics facing today’s industry.

Sticky kids COVID habits: Talking about behavior shifts kids developed in lockdown that have the most staying power.
Host: Sarah Riding

Post-pandemic pitching: What does a post-COVID pitch even look like? What practices and processes are likely to stick around once the world “returns to normal?”
Host: Natalie Lellewlyn

The future of live action: Live action will never be the same. How do we make it work differently in the long term?
Host: David Michel

Economic fallout: We’ve barely scratched the long-term economic impacts of the pandemic—what’s likely to hit the hardest, and how can we all prepare now
Host: Jennifer McCarron

Lighter moments: The global health crisis has shifted the way kids move through life—what are those new and unique moments of joy, pleasure and hilarity, and can we bake that into content now?
Host: Claire Curley

Classic comfort: People seek out the familiar in times of crisis, and classic brands are thriving right now. How do you navigate the line between supporting and exploiting an audience in need, and how do you identify effective next steps for when things return to normal?
Host: Nicole Goldman

To WFH or not to WFH: Even when life returns to normal, there's no denying the benefits of working from home. But can kidcos find the right WFH balance, or do we need our teams back in the office?
Host: Philippe Soutter

On the co-pro horizon: With many borders closed right now, co-productions have hit some stumbling blocks. What does the future of multi-national collaboration look like, and what can we do now to keep things moving forward?
Host: Karen Vermeulen

Educational recovery: The pandemic has set some kids back years on the learning front. Content producers have a role to play in helping them catch up—here's what your curriculum needs now.
Host: Cheryl Gotthelf

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Claire Curley

Head of Kids & Animation

Hello Sunshine


Nicole Goldman

EVP, Branding

The Jim Henson Company


Cheryl Gotthelf

Founder & President

Cheryl Gotthelf Consulting


Natalie Llewellyn

Managing Director Originals

Jellyfish Pictures


David Michel

Co-Founder & President

Cottonwood Media


Sarah Riding

Research & Trends Director

Kids Insights


Philippe Soutter


PGS Entertainment


Jennifer McCarron


Thunderbird Entertainment Group & Atomic Cartoons


Karen Vermeulen

Executive Producer, Development Consultant



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