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Philippe Soutter


PGS Entertainment

Philippe Soutter has been working in the entertainment and media industry for more than 10 years - holding positions in programming, advertising, production and international distribution. Philippe and Guillaume Soutter co-founded PGS Entertainment in 2008. Today PGS Entertainment is a leading, award-winning international brand management company, dedicated to kids and family entertainment and targeting Broadcast, Home Entertainment, Mobile, Online, Licensing and Merchandising.

PGS Entertainment specializes in high-profile programs for kids and family viewing and handles a catalogue of over 1000 half hours of programming. The company represents such internationally acclaimed properties as:
ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks - from Bagdasarian Productions and Technicolor Animation Productions;
MoominValley - from Gutsy Animations
Monchhichi - from Technicolor Animation Productions
The Little Prince - from Method Animation
Iron Man Armored Adventures - from Method Animation & Marvel
• The Emmy winning The Jungle Bunch - from TAT Productions
• The first animated series based on Chaplin, Chaplin and Co - from Method Animation
Robin Hood – Mischief in Sherwood - from Method Animation

Soutter has a BA in Finance from French University Dauphine in Paris. He studied philosophy and contemporary writing at Georgetown in the US, and obtained a Masters in Media from European business school, ESCP.

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