Speaker Raphaelle Mathieu

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Raphaelle Mathieu

Executive Vice-President

Cyber Group Studios

With more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual field and especially in the distribution of cultural and entertainment contents, Raphaelle Mathieu has been involved in the creation of television and feature animation production companies, such as Daydream Production and Timing.

Raphaelle has also co-founded several associations that gather and help audiovisual professionals to connect and find funds for their projects, such as the MediaClub, where she acts today as General Secretary.

Former Head of Acquisitions and Sales for Zylo, a French TV & Digital distribution company, Raphaelle acts since 2016 as Senior Vice President of Sales, Acquisitions and New Media at Cyber Group Studios, a leading animation company, headquartered in Paris, with offices in Roubaix and Los Angeles.

In 2017, Raphaelle was named Vice President of the SEDPA, the professional union of French audiovisual distributors for all genres. In her capacity, she negotiates agreements with the French government and market players.

Speaking on: Sales story: Global exclusive or regional deals?

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