Speaker Natalie Setton

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Natalie Setton

Vice President, Commercial

Herschend Family Entertainment

Natalie joined Herschend Entertainment Studios (HES) in June 2019 following their acquisition of Ludorum in December 2018. Natalie was part of the Ludorum team for 11+ years, tasked initially to manage International Sales and Licensing for its wholly-owned pre-school property, Chuggington. She was appointed Commercial Director in January 2015 before becoming Managing Director in March 2016.

Under the new ownership, Natalie is now responsible for leading, developing and implementing the commercial strategy for all new IP under the Herschend Entertainment Studio business alongside HES’ VP of Development & Production. Natalie’s role spans across global content distribution, licensing, consumer products, marketing & digital in addition to the incorporation of HES’ IP in to location-based entertainment & live events under the broader multi-facets of the Herschend Family Entertainment businesses to create true 360 franchises. Natalie also handles global licensing and consumer products for the Harlem Globetrotters, which is also owned by Herschend Enterprises.

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