Speaker Kevin Mowrer

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Kevin Mowrer

Co-CEO & Founder

Huge Play LLC

Kevin is the lead founder and CEO of HUGE Play, a direct-to-fan toy and play company committed to developing extremely high levels of play innovation brought to fans through their own aggregation networks.

Kevin is also the principal and founder of Mowrer Meta-Story, a franchise and entertainment story consultancy that counts amongst its clients Lego, Dreamworks Animation, Nottage Films, Epic Story Media, DC Comics, Turbine games, Lionel, Nelvanna, Fisher Price, Mattel and other kids/all family entertainment brand companies.  

Kevin has over 35 years of broad experience in the kids and all-family entertainment and entertainment product business and was the founder, and lead creative for Hasbro’s Fantasy Factory, the division created to develop and produce Hasbro’s entertainment in all its forms. Kevin has directly created, produced, co-produced or collaborated on entertainment in television, motion picture, online short form, publishing, card gaming, video gaming, platform gaming, online gaming, board gaming, toy product and many categories of licensed product.

During his tenure as head of the Fantasy Factory, Kevin developed a highly collaborative creative and strategic approach for evolving Hasbro’s I.P. to tell successful stories that perform in many different media and product forms expanding their commercial success more than seven-fold in seven years.  The ongoing use of this approach can be seen today in the growing success Hasbro is having with its entertainment initiatives.

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