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Delegate Bulletins

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If you're in the mood to network with business and thought leaders in the kids entertainment industry, our Chatroom, Meet the... and Pro Tips sessions should satisfy that need. Add these small-group discussions to your calendar now and get ready to make some meaningful new connections.


Get in on these lively conversations about important topics facing today’s industry. Each session will feature five or more discussion groups, and you can check out the topics, hosts and dates/times by clicking on each link below:

Chatroom—The Future of Streaming
Chatroom—Building Better Brands
Chatroom—The Future of Work
Chatroom—Next Big Things in Tech
Chatroom—Diversity & Incluson



Get to know potential partners who can help at all the various stages of your IP's journey in these casual meet-ups.

Meet the Buyers
Meet the Creatives
Meet the Distributors
Meet the Licensing Agents
Meet the Studios



We've recruited industry experts with critical skills and experience in these key areas of the business to share their insights with you.

Pro Tips—Co-pros & Financing
Pro Tips—Show Development
Pro Tips—Rights Management
Pro Tips—CP & Retail
Pro Tips—Digital Media


We’ve added a Disney keynote and a diversity research panel. And our In Conversation with… series will keep you in the know about what key kids channels are investing in. Don’t miss out!

KEYNOTE—Disney on Fuelling Fun with Entertainment Brands
Fun has always been important to kids—but with everything going on in the world today, it’s more important than ever. The Disney Branded Television Insights team will share what fun actually means to kids, and bring to life the various ways entertainment brands can deliver it. Wednesday, March 9 @ 12:00pm EST

Being Seen: How to improve authentic diversity in kids TV
In this exclusive research-driven presentation, we’ll explore the findings of a recent Canadian study looking at the representation awareness and needs of kids ages six to nine, 10 to 13 and 14 to 17, as well as talking to parents of these groups plus preschoolers and under-represented producers of children’s content to understand their experiences and observations. These insights have been distilled into several important directives that producers and buyers can use to make a positive change in the ongoing movement to make kids TV more inclusive. Thursday, March 10 @ 12:00pm EST

In Conversation with…
Taking place all week during Kidscreen Summit Virtual, this interview series is designed to help you understand what kids buyers are looking for right now. Hear about the future plans and priorities of content investors in the kids industry first-hand, and participate in some Q&A. Here’s who we have lined up to share intel with you:

Almost time to sign up for facetime with buyers and investors

We know you could use a little more access to the folks who can greenlight your project. Speed Pitching and Cocktails with... will help you make those connections. The sign-up windows for both of these highlight sessions will open in a couple of weeks exclusively for Kidscreen Summit Virtual pass holders!


Meet one on one with those top broadcasters and investors who are looking for new kids TV concepts. This highly effective format now features longer 14-minute meetings—plenty of time to deliver the perfect pitch. Each Kidscreen Summit Virtual attendee can take part in up to two of these meetings, and the sign-up lottery opens on February 16.

9 Story Media Group - Karen Fowler (VP, Development)
ABC Australia
- Libbie Doherty (Head of Children's Content)
ABC Australia - Maria-Nicole Miriklis (Manager, Children's Acquisitions)
BBC Children's - Jo Allen (Producer)
BBC Children's - Julia Bond (Commissioning Editor, 0-6)
BBC Children's - Dan Flint (Assistant Commissioning Editor)
CBC Kids - Lisa Cinelli (Executive in Charge of Production)
Corus Kids - Amanda Vaughan (Production Executive)
Discovery Kids - Leticia Smith (Manager, Sourcing & Acquisitions)
Disney+/Disney Channels - Jamie Smy (Kids & Family Acquisitions)
Disney Branded Television - Rick Clodfelter (Content Acquisitions & Partnerships Lead)
Disney Junior - Kitty Walsh (Director, Development)
Disney Television Animation - Alfredo Marun (Director of Development)
DreamWorks - Kenny Chapman (Manager, TV Development)
eOne - Josie Grierson (Director, Creative Affairs, Family Brands)
ITV - Tyler Martin (Acquisitions Executive)
Kidoodle.TV - Brenda Bisner (Chief Content Officer)
Nelvana - Marc Hartlen (Production Coordinator, Development)
Nickelodeon International - Adam Bailey (Animation Production & Development Manager)
Nickelodeon International - Charly Valentine (VP, Live Action Production & Development)
NRK Super - Trine Ruud (Head of Acquisitions & Dubbing)
PBS KIDS - Natalie Engel (Senior Director, Development)
Sesame Workshop - Kim Diaz (Senior Director, Creative Development)
Sky Kids
- Ian France (Commissioning Editor)
Sky Kids - Estelle Hughes (Commissioning Editor)
Super RTL - Kerstin Viehbach (Head of Commissioning & Development, Fiction)
Super RTL - Marion Winter (Senior Manager, Acquisitions & Co-Productions)
TF1 - Daphne de Beauffort (EVP, Kids Content Acquisitions & Diversification)
WarnerMedia - Joanna Rosenthal (Manager, Content Acquisitions & Co-Productions)
WarnerMedia APAC - Carlene Tan (Director, Original Productions & Development, Kids)
WarnerMedia EMEA - Zia Bales (Acquisitions, Partnerships & Co-Productions Lead)
WarnerMedia EMEA - Sabina McNally (Senior Acquisitions Manager)
WarnerMedia EMEA - Lars Wagner (VP, Content Strategy & Production and Head of Kids Channels)
WarnerMedia France & Africa - Aurelie Wack (Acquisitions Manager, Kids & Young Adults)


Channel your inner bartender and go on a mixology journey with one of the industry’s most influential buyers. They’ll lead a small group in making their favorite cocktail to enjoy together, with plenty of laughter and conversation along the way. Here’s a look at some of the hosts we’ve lined up. Each Kidscreen Summit Virtual attendee can take part in one of these networking sessions, and sign-up is on a first come, first served basis, starting at 9am EST on February 23.

Welcome to your personal meeting room!

Your personal video conferencing room is now ready for testing. This environment is where all of your meetings will happen during Kidscreen Summit Virtual, so we encourage you to spend a little time getting familiar with it well before the event starts.

All you need to do to try it out is start a video chat with another delegate—we’ve prepared a short video guide (below) and a step-by-step PDF to show you how.

Speaking of meetings...

Now’s the time for booking them, if you want to get face time with all the right people—and it could not be easier on our KidscreenXchange platform!

Start your outreach. Explore the delegate list to determine who you’d like to meet with, and then use our direct messaging tool to introduce yourself and request a meeting.

Schedule meetings. When you’ve got a meeting date & time confirmed, enter it into your calendar. You can plan to meet virtually in either personal meeting room (yours or theirs).

Step-by-step guides
How to search the delegate list
How to send a message
How to add a meeting to your calendar

Get started on KidscreenXchange!

Stay informed and inspired in Q1!

We’ve just unveiled our program for Kidscreen Summit Virtual, which will feature five days of keynotes, fireside chats, buyer Q&As, panel discussions, research presentations, master classes, networking opportunities and more. You can click here to explore the full lineup online now, but here are some highlights we’re excited about:

Master Planning with YouTube
They say you need to go where your audience goes...and kids are definitely going to YouTube in droves. So how is the Google-owned platform planning to engage this demographic? Global Head of Original Content Susanne Daniels joins us at Kidscreen Summit Virtual for an intimate fireside chat that explores the role kids content plays on the platform and where YouTube is investing next.

Asian Animation Summit Showcase
Watch along as we present a showcase of video clips from some of this year’s most promising new animated concepts for kids from the Asia-Pacific region. You'll also get a list of producer contacts so you can follow up on the projects that pique your interest.

Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline
Everyone is talking these days about the importance of diversity and enabling people to move up the ranks. But actually achieving those results is another thing entirely. Media companies big and small will join us at Kidscreen Summit Virtual to share their solutions and best practices for helping historically excluded creatives and execs level up.

MASTER CLASS—Setting Expectations: An introduction to rights and negotiating
Whether you’re a creator with a hot concept to shop around, or a production company looking to break in with new partners and creative talent, you won’t want to miss this master class designed to help you set yourself up for deal-making success. Among other things, it will help you determine how much to expect on the back end, what level of creator involvement to push for, and how to walk away with a piece of the pie that's reasonable.

The Best Books on the Table
Book IPs are all the rage right now, but you'll likely need to look well beyond the bestseller list to find your next page-to-screen adaptation. We've invited several industry-leading children's publishers to give you an insider's look at some highly compelling titles with entertainment rights still up for grabs.

Making Sense of the Metaverse
What exactly is the metaverse, anyways? Experts on the bleeding edge of the hottest new digital trend will explain how this hyper-connected virtual world works, and what kids entertainment companies should do to start preparing for the next evolution in interactivity.

Breaking Binary
Kids and the influencers they look up to are driving a change movement to normalize inclusive pronouns, challenge beauty standards and bring genderless fashion into the mainstream. New research from MarketCast Kids explores how young people are redefining gender today, how closely it's tied to their sense of self and identity, and how it will continue to evolve.

Holding Out for a Hero
Taking a look at some of the most popular hero-driven content on screen today in the UK and US, Giraffe Insights will examine the conscious and subconscious triggers these crusading characters tap into to drive sustained engagement and affinity among kids.

Live event postponed until July 2022

After carefully considering the impact of the Omicron variant on our industry’s ability to travel and meet in person at this time, we have come to a difficult decision. Kidscreen Summit 2022, which was set to take place as a live event in Miami from February 14 to 17, has now been rescheduled for July 18 to 21. The location and venue will remain the same.

We are providing as much notice as possible so that our attendees can rebook their travel plans. Hotel reservations that were made as part of the Kidscreen Summit room block at the InterContinental Miami will be automatically cancelled, with no charges processed. If you do not receive a cancellation email from the hotel by January TK, please follow up directly (+1-305-372-4746,

Kidscreen Summit Virtual will still take place as planned from March 7 to 11, and all attendees registered for the live event will have access to this digital companion event. We recognize that it’s not the same experience as meeting in person, but our hope is that it helps you make and maintain industry connections in the interim.

All existing live event registrations and sponsorships will be transferred to the rescheduled event in July. We have prepared an FAQ page to answer some of the questions you may have, and the Customer Care team is standing by at to provide more info. Sponsorship inquiries can be sent directly to Nelson Huynh ( or Lia Minquini ( in the sales department.

Get to know the gatekeepers

Kids buyers from all over the world will be at Kidscreen Summit looking for new content. And sign-ups for our signature pitching and networking sessions will open right after the holidays. We'll send email reminders, but mark your calendar with these action-needed dates so you don't miss out on any opportunities to connect meaningfully with the folks who can greenlight your latest project!


Chat over drinks with leading content teams in this lively format that loosens up the networking vibe and helps you make deeper connections at the channels, platforms and studios that invest in kids programming.

Sign-up opens on Jun 20 @9:00am EST
Sign-up closes on Jul 15 @5:00pm EST

Cocktails with… Amazon Kids+
Cocktails with… Apple TV+
Cocktails with… Atomic Cartoons
Cocktails with… LEGO
Cocktails with… Mattel
Cocktails with… PBS KIDS
Cocktails with… Sesame Workshop
Cocktails with… WarnerMedia
Cocktails with… YouTube


Connect with top broadcasters and investors who can help get your project off the ground. This highly effective format features eight-minute meetings—plenty of time to deliver the perfect elevator pitch.

Pre-selection opens on Jun 15
Pre-selection closes on Jun 21

Amazon Kids - Aaron Berman, Production Executive
Apple TV+ - Dianna Lau, Creative Development Executive, Children’s Programming 
Disney Branded Television - Jamie Smy, Kids & Family Acquisitions
Disney Branded Television - Rick Clodfelter, Content Acquisitions & Partnerships Lead
ITV - Darren Nartey, Acquisitions Manager, Films & Kids
Kidoodle.TV - Brenda Bisner, Chief Content Officer 
M6 - Maud Branly, Acquisitions Director & International TV Channels Programming Director, Children's
Nelvana - Athena Georgaklis, Head of Development
PBS KIDS - Tommy Gillespie, Director, Children’s Programming
Sky Kids - Estelle Hughes, Commissioning Editor
TF1 - Daphne de Beauffort, Head of Kids Content Acquisitions & Diversification
TVO - Marney Malabar, Director of Kids TV
WarnerMedia - Gloria Ponce, Senior Creative Executive
WildBrain Television - Katie Wilson, VP, Channels & Curation
YLE Children's - Vicky Schroderus, Executive in Charge of International Co-Productions & Acquisitions
YouTube - Daniel Haack, Creative Executive, Kids & Family YouTube Originals


Start fresh at the Summit! Connect one-on-one with buyers over coffee in this networking session built around 15-minute meetings.

Pre-selection opens - Jun 22
Pre-selection closes - Jun 28

Disney Branded Television - Jamie Smy, Kids & Family Acquisitions
Hello Sunshine - Koyalee Chanda, VP, Kids & Animation 
ITV - Darren Nartey, Acquisitions Manager, Films & Kids
Nelvana - Athena Georgaklis, Head of Development
PBS KIDS - Catie Asip, Assistant Director of Content, Children’s Programming
TVO - Marney Malabar, Director of Kids TV
WarnerMedia - Gloria Ponce, Senior Creative Executive
WildBrain Television - Katie Wilson, VP, Channels & Curation
YLE Children's - Vicky Schroderus, Executive in Charge of International Co-Productions & Acquisitions


Keeping you up to speed in 2022!

Want to be more inspired and informed next year? Register for Kidscreen Summit 2022 today, and take part in 50-plus keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, buyer intel Q&As, research presentations, master classes and more.

Your pass to the live event will also let you access Kidscreen Summit Virtual (March 7-11, 2022), featuring a five-day program with even more great content that you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

Our program truly has it all! You can explore the full live event lineup online now, but here are some highlights we’re excited about:

KEYNOTE—The Life-Changing Power of Saying Yes
The word yes is profound. Newbery Award-winning poet and children’s author Kwame Alexander knows all too well the power it has—the word yes has changed the course of his career more than once. But in these trying times, finding the hope to keep moving forward can be daunting. So you will not want to miss the inspirational story of Kwame’s journey in kids entertainment, as he explores the positives of jumping on opportunities, and also how companies and creators can use the word yes to change the world.

Real-Time Game-Changers
From bleeding edge to cutting edge, real-time game engines like Unreal and Unity are inching their way into the animation industry mainstream. But can they replace traditional production models? Hear from several studios that are banking on it, and see how they have shifted their business models to incorporate the latest animation pipeline techniques.

Coming Out of COVID
Despite virtual learning, social isolation and complex health measures, kids have exhibited plenty of resilience in navigating their way through COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean the past two years haven't taken a toll. Join Dubit’s Adam Woodgate and David Kleeman as they unveil exclusive research that looks at how kids view their relationship with media now—where it’s supported them, where it’s let them down, and what they need as they emerge from the pandemic's upheaval.

360 Brand Strategy: The merits of making a big splash
Slow and steady may win the race, but launching new IPs often requires a big push. Hear from brand owners who went everywhere with their rollout strategies about how they picked the right platforms and maximized their resources and budgets.

Advanced Authenticity: Co-creating with kids to level up on relevance
From TikTok to Roblox to Fortnite, Gen Alpha has been heavily engaged in content creation for some time. They have a voice, they know how to use it, and media companies should take note. With the help of academic experts and kids themselves, LEGO and Kids Know Best will identify best practices for meaningfully engaging kids throughout the entire creative process.

Return to Live
After months of being cooped up at home, people are eager for fresh experiences, and the live entertainment world is coming back to life. But like everything else, the audience has changed. This session will explore who makes up the primary demographic for family-friendly live entertainment now, and how companies around the world are shifting their approaches to maximize these new opportunities—while also mitigating potential disruption risks.

Smart Podcast Strategies that Build Big Brands
Podcasting is growing up—it’s not just a marketing vehicle for existing brands anymore. As parents increasingly seek out screen-free activities, and kids search for new ways to let their imaginations run wild, companies are seeing big gains in audio-only storytelling. Listen up as this panel of leading producers and platforms share their visions for podcasting's future.

Mind the Gap
It's undeniable that family viewing habits shifted dramatically during the pandemic. And while family content tends to get all the attention, bridge shows—content that speaks to both preschoolers and six to nines—also grew in popularity as siblings settled in on the couch together. This new research from Nickelodeon explores exactly what attracts each demographic, where they overlap, and how to make the most of that shared viewing experience.

Lessons in Social-Emotional Learning
The world that kids are growing up in today is very different from two years ago—and it’s made the need for this kind of development more important than ever. But what is social-emotional learning, where does it work best, and how do you foster these life lessons in kids who've had little interaction outside of their homes? Join our panelists as they explore how SEL can positively influence content and audiences alike.

Why Diversity is Good Business
The moral imperative to produce content that offers nuanced portrayals of different people and cultures has arguably never been more important. But to take the conversation past lip service, producers, broadcasters and distributors need to understand the business opportunities, too. Streaming has made it possible to reach millions of kids around the world, and they’re hungry for characters who look and behave like them. This panel will explore the untapped market opportunities inherent in achieving better representation, and how brands that have embraced diverse storytelling are reaping significant financial rewards.

Breaking Free: Taking a brand from YouTube to linear and beyond
CocoMelon. Baby Shark. Ryan's World. It's clear that YouTube has evolved into one of our industry’s strongest launch platforms. And we’ve recruited several experts to share their tips and tricks for translating AVOD success into new streaming, linear and consumer product business.

KIDSCREEN DEBATE—Balancing the scales of IP ownership
With multiple stake-holders vying for their fair share, IP ownership is a contentious topic these days. Should the lion's share of rights belong to the studios fronting the production costs? Should creators get a larger share of the pie, since there would be no IP without their original idea? And how do buyers’ ownership demands change the conversation? Make sure you're in the room when these groups face off in an attempt to settle on a more equitable approach to IP ownership.

Add sessions to your schedule

Browse through the event agenda and add any sessions you want to catch live to your calendar so that you can book your meetings around them. Just click on the session title, and then click on the Add to my calendar button.

Step-by-step guide to adding a session to your calendar

Introducing the Sky Deck!

Our event venue in Miami has been hard at work on a major renovation over the last two years, and we are thrilled to be able to show it to you. The brand-new Sky Deck is a 20,000-square-foot fully landscaped outdoor space next to the Pool Terrace on the fifth floor.

For Kidscreen Summit 2022, we are planning to set it up as a spacious open-air meeting area that will have enough seating to comfortably accommodate more than 200 people. It will feature full Wifi service and plenty of outdoor furniture set in two-person, four-person and six-person configurations. Attendees are welcome to use the Sky Lawn for their meetings throughout the event, weather permitting.

Get ready to be inspired to say yes by keynote speaker Kwame Alexander!

In challenging times, finding the hope and motivation to keep moving forward can be hard. But often, the key to taking the next step starts with simply saying yes…

We are thrilled to announce that New York Times Bestselling author and Newbery Award medalist Kwame Alexander will kick off Kidscreen Summit 2022 with a live keynote address in Miami on Monday, February 14. Kwame knows all too well the profound power of the word yes—it has radically changed the course of his career more than once. And he’s coming to the event to share the inspirational story of his unconventional journey in kids entertainment with you, exploring the positives of jumping on opportunities, and also how companies and creators can say yes and change the world.

A poet and author of popular children’s books, Kwame is the recipient of numerous publishing honors, including the 2015 Newbery Award. He won this top kidlit prize for The Crossover, telling the story of a pair of basketball-playing 12-year-old twins, and written in verse. Lots of people said no to this unorthodox book concept. But Kwame said yes and prevailed.

Among his many other distinctions, Kwame has received an honorary Newbery Award for his book The Undefeated, three NAACP Image Award nominations, and he was long-listed twice for the National Book Award and the UK’s Carnegie Medal. He's a regular contributor to NPR’s Morning Edition and has been featured on The Today Show, Comedy Central and BET, as well as in prestigious publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Parade magazine.

As a literacy expert and accomplished writer, Kwame has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches for organizations such as Hallmark, Writer’s Digest, Teachers College Columbia University and the International Literacy Association, and he is currently developing a slate of children’s programming with Disney+, The Jim Henson Company and GBH.

Kwame has also led cultural exchange delegations to Brazil, Italy, Singapore and Ghana, where he built the Barbara E. Alexander Memorial Library and Health Clinic as a part of LEAP for Ghana, an international literacy program that he co-founded.

Plenty of buyers on board

Kidscreen Summit is the best way to get facetime with the partners you want to work with. Executives from these companies and many more are planning to attend:

Attending from abroad?

Now that the US has lifted travel restrictions for fully vaccinated international visitors, here’s some useful info about entering the country on your way to Kidscreen Summit.

Who is eligible to travel to the US?
Fully vaccinated travelers can now enter the US if they can show proof of vaccination and the results of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 24 hours of flight departure to the US.

Which vaccines are accepted?
Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, as well as any vaccines that have been cleared for emergency use by the World Health Organization—AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Covishield, BIBP/Sinopharm and Sinovac.

Who is considered to be fully vaccinated?
Anyone who has received either the first dose of a single-dose vaccine or the second dose of a two-dose vaccine 14 days before departing for the US. The CDC also considers those who have received the second dose of a mix-and-match combination of accepted vaccines to be fully vaccinated, as long as the doses have been given at least 17 days apart.

What documentation is required as proof of vaccination?
Both printed and digital records of vaccination will be accepted. And if you do not have your original record, a photocopy or photo is fine. These documents must include your full name and at least one other identifier, such as your date of birth, or the name of the agency or provider that has issued the vaccine. It must also include the name of the vaccine manufacturer and the dates of vaccination.

Onsite PCR testing for your return trip…

For travellers flying home to non-US destinations, you may also need to present a negative COVID-19 test result when boarding your return flight or arriving in your home country. For your convenience, our testing facility at the event will be offering PCR tests for $140, with results delivered within 48 hours. No appointment required!

Celebrate kids entertainment excellence in real life again!

Announcing the winners of our annual Kidscreen Awards is always a highlight of the event. And this year promises to be even more special as we get back to honoring the year’s best work in kids entertainment with a live ceremony and after-party, generously sponsored once again by the Canadian Media Fund.

Your pass to Kidscreen Summit is all you need to get into the show, which will be hosted this year by prolific voice actor, comedian and music artist Grey Griffin. She has voiced more than 1,700 animated characters since 1996, including such iconic roles as Vicky from The Fairly OddParents, Frankie Foster, Duchess and Goo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Lola, Lana and Lily Loud from The Loud House. And she has also been the voice of Daphne Blake in every Scooby-Doo production since 2000. 

Grey launched “My First Comedy Special” in 2018 to rave reviews, and her debut album of covers—aptly titled Borrowed—is scheduled to drop in 2022. She also balances her multi-faceted career with being a single mom of three kids (ages four, seven and 14). Basically, she’s kicking ass.

Stay where all the action is...

Looking for the most convenient accommodation option for your Kidscreen Summit trip? Nothing beats staying in the venue where the event is taking place. 

Ranked #7 in the city by TripAdvisor, the InterContinental Miami is a thoroughly modern four-star hotel located on prime downtown waterfront. Its attractive features include breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, spacious and well-appointed guestrooms (with 24-hour room service and minibars), an on-site Starbucks, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a full-service spa and a heated outdoor pool and sundeck.

The hotel is also just minutes away from South Beach, the Miami Design District, American Airlines Arena, Coconut Grove’s bohemian village and the many galleries, restaurants and boutique shops in Coral Gable.



Our hotel reservation link is open for business, and Kidscreen Summit attendees can book king or double rooms at the InterContinental Miami from July 15 to 23 for just US$239 a night (plus a US$20 nightly service fee). This is an outstanding rate for this hotel class.

We’ve secured as many rooms as possible, but the hotel block is limited, so we highly recommend that you book early. Use this link, or call the hotel directly at +1-305-577-1000 and reference Kidscreen Summit to get the preferred rate.

See who else will be there...

Between the live and virtual events, we are anticipating that more than 1,600 delegates will take part in Kidscreen Summit 2022, which would make it the most meaningful industry gathering since before the pandemic began. It’s early days still, but here's a current delegate list so you can see who’s coming so far. 


KidscreenXchange is now live!

We are excited to announce that KidscreenXchange is open and ready to help delegates registered for the live event start maximizing their Kidscreen Summit experience. This robust platform offers tools & opportunities to make it easy to meet, collaborate, pitch and screen virtually before, during and after the live event. These key features are available now:

Update your profile & projects

Make a great first impression. Your KidscreenXchange profile is a very important tool in your arsenal for promoting yourself and your work to the people you want to do business with. Update yours today with current info, bio details and projects.

Showcase your work. Upload your projects in KidscreenXchange so everyone can see what you’ve worked on, and what you’ve got coming up next.

Step-by-step guides
How to set up your profile
How to edit your profile
How to add your projects





Building your schedule

Begin your outreach. Explore the delegate list to determine who you’d like to meet with, and then use our direct messaging tool to introduce yourself and request a meeting.

Schedule meetings. When you’ve got a meeting date & time confirmed, enter it into your calendar. You can plan to meet in person in Miami or virtually in a personal video conferencing room (yours or theirs).


Step-by-step guides
How to search the delegate list
How to send a message

Get started on KidscreenXchange!

 And if you need assistance, please contact

Important Event Update

The safety and comfort of our community is of paramount importance, so we will be requiring that all Kidscreen Summit delegates and visitors either:

  • be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the World Health Organization (WHO);
  • or undergo daily on-site rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 at their own cost.

VACCINATED DELEGATES will be required to upload their proof of full vaccination to a secure portal, developed and implemented with individual privacy as an overriding principle. The window for providing this documentation will be from November 29, 2021 to January 28, 2022. Delegates who fail to do so in time will be re-categorized as unvaccinated, levied a US$200 surcharge, and required to follow the process outlined below to access the event.

UNVACCINATED DELEGATES must register a negative test result via our on-site rapid antigen testing service DAILY in order to access the event. (These negative test results will be clearly noted on each unvaccinated delegate’s badge and are a requirement for entry each day.) Unvaccinated delegates will be required to pay for each of these tests, and payment will be collected directly by the on-site antigen testing service. Additionally, when they register for the event, unvaccinated delegates will be required to pay a US$200 surcharge to cover costs associated with providing the on-site antigen testing service, as well as extra security and staff to support this health & safety measure.

Subject to change, delegates will also be required to wear a mask in all indoor event spaces. Masks may only be removed to eat and/or drink in designated areas. Delegates must supply their own masks.

We will continue to take our lead from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on planning other baseline health & safety protocols for the event. These WILL include:

  • Setting up a spacious outdoor meeting area for delegates to use, weather permitting
  • Adhering to recommended norms for social distancing where possible, as well as observing all maximum capacity limits
  • Providing ample touch-free hand-sanitizing stations throughout the venue
  • Ensuring high cleanliness standards within all meeting rooms 
  • Eliminating self-serve buffets—boxed meals and attendant-served buffets will be available instead

In accordance with Florida state law, our event venue is currently unable to mandate that all hotel staff be vaccinated. However, hotel staff will be required to wear masks at all times during the event.

Should you have any questions regarding health & safety at Kidscreen Summit, please email

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