Speaker Rita Street
Speaker Rita Street

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Rita Street


Radar Cartoons

Rita Street is an award-winning animation executive producer, creator and writer, and the president of Radar Cartoons. She is the co-creator of Disney EMEA comedy Space Chickens in Space and an executive producer on Flying Bark Productions’ feature film and TV series 100% Wolf. Rita's other executive producer credits include: Hero: 108, which ran for two seasons on Cartoon Network; Teenage Fairytale Dropouts, which aired on The Hub/Discovery Channel; and Ruby Gloom, which now airs on Tubi. Rita is currently working as a writer and punch-up artist on two feature films for Red Animation Studios in Peru. She is also the founder of international non-profit Women in Animation, and the author of popular e-book A Cartoon Girl's Secret Guide to Developing Kids' Series That Sell!

Speaking on: Pitch Doctoring 3

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