Speaker Peter Robinson
Speaker Peter Robinson

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Peter Robinson



Pete has worked in kids and family research for 15 years. Specialising in ensuring that kids voices are represented in the world around them . He is currently Chief Strategy Officer and KidsKnowBest a kids and family research and marketing agency and founder of Gone With a consultancy focussed on early adopters and new markets. 
Peter works with clients across the media space helping to ensure that what they create is relevant and fun to audiences and consumers alike. As part of that he builds research tools and products that ensure that the voices of young people are present in the development of new products, content and gaming. Through KidsKnowBest Peter is passionate to develop research tools that listen to young people and what is important to them, rather than asking young people questions on what is important to adults. This ensures that insights are built not on this data, but on the voices of each person we speak to.
Peter is a regular speaker at conferences and contributor to commercial and academic studies on young people's relationship with media and brands.

Featured in: Content x Confidence: Building up the next generation

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