Speaker Stacey Matthias - Kidscreen Summit 2015

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Speaker Stacey Matthias

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Stacey Matthias

Research and Development

Insight Strategy Group

Having grown up largely in the back of a VW van, Stacey’s intuitive understanding of how different people think and live was ingrained at an early age. A human developmental expert by training, Stacey’s specialty is in uncovering what motivates people to change, a skill that she has leveraged in countless studies on fast-moving targets, like fashionistas, culture vultures, media junkies, techies, and trend-conscious youth. Her approach is energetic, honest, and thorough.

As the head of Insight Kids, Stacey enjoys an unmatched reputation in the children’s space for her inspired ability to spark insights from kids of all ages and turn those insights into actionable and impactful recommendations for clients. Her work with kids, parents, and educators helps to inform development of TV shows, toys, websites, software, games, movies, and experiences of all kinds. An adroit communicator, Stacey ensures that clients achieve their research objectives, using hands-on immersion to help them implement study results and see the range of possibilities of how to move forward. She is a master in helping others brainstorm and focus, drawing on years of experience developing methods and techniques that both engage and inspire.

Stacey conducted her undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University and graduate studies in the Developmental Psychology division at CUNY.

Speaking on: Hot Research: Creating Essential Digital Media for Today’s Fast-Moving Kids; Content from a kid's-eye-view