Speaker Rebecca Kantar
Speaker Rebecca Kantar

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Rebecca Kantar

VP of Education & Director of the Roblox Community Fund


Rebecca serves as VP of Education and Director of the Roblox Community Fund at Roblox. Rebecca is responsible for growing Roblox’s education vertical into a self-sustaining ecosystem of outstanding educational content creators, bringing deeper learning curricular materials to educators and students. Roblox Education connects educational organizations with extraordinary Roblox developer studios through Roblox Community Fund grants.

Rebecca came to Roblox in 2020 when Roblox acquired Imbellus Inc., a simulation-based assessment technology company Rebecca founded and led. Rebecca founded Imbellus with conviction that better educational assessments would drive deeper teaching and learning and in turn, more students graduating ready for adulthood. In delivering operational, fair, valid, and reliable assessments at scale, Imbellus demonstrated the potential for simulation-based assessments to measure deep thinking skills in high-stakes workforce and educational contexts. Rebecca led Imbellus in raising over $23M, signing multimillion-dollar development contracts with Fortune 500 corporations and in completing successful M&A transactions with Roblox Corporation and McKinsey & Company. Prior to launching Imbellus, Rebecca founded an expert network that Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) acquired in 2012.

Rebecca serves as a Vice Chair of the Museum of Science Board of Trustees, where she serves on the Campaign Cabinet and as Vice Chair of the Trustee Nominating Committee. Rebecca has served as an advisor to the Common Application and to the MA Common Start Coalition. Rebecca grew up in Newton, MA and currently lives in Massachusetts.

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