Speaker John Paul(Fay)
Speaker John Paul(Fay)

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John Paul(Fay)


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JP (Fay)John Paul (JP) Kane is an engaging and passionate educator, actor, and performer based in Toronto. He has been an educator with the TDSB since 1997, working with a variety of age groups, abilities, and roles. He is currently in his 7th year as a Kindergarten Teacher and has been at his current school since 2003. He is deeply connected to the community he serves. JP’s alter ego is Fay Slift. Fay first began performing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in November 2007.

Since then, she has performed at a variety of cultural events and institutions. She is also one half of the popular Fay & Fluffy’s Storytime. Fay & Fluffy have been reading to LGBTQ+ families and gender non-conforming kids at libraries, schools and community centres across Canada. They have been fortunate to perform at world-renowned cultural sites such as the ROM, the AGO, Canadian Stage and Harbourfront Centre. 

Fay and Fluffy focus on reading culturally diverse books and creating a supportive and inclusive environment centred on making literacy fun and engaging. As a Queer identified educator, JP has had the experience of coming out to his students and families every year. Community has a significant impact on his teaching pedagogy. Building relationships based on trust and care, validating students and celebrating their uniqueness and creativity. Focusing on leading and creating safe and inclusive environments, which reflect the community he works in. It is crucial to him that the children see themselves in the spaces they learn in, as well as the world in general. When sharing stories, the children areencouraged to make connections to the texts as well as think critically, even as young as 4 years of age. It’s a privilege to spend his days working with children, inspired by their curiosity and questions, he speaks honestly and openly and always encourages his children to treat themselves as they would treat others.

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